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NameAreas of ExpertiseLocation
Pan Qi Company Law, International Sales of Goods, International Investment, Securities Law, Automotive IndustryBeiJing
Zhu BenfuInternational Trade and investments, International Construction Projects, International Financing and payment terms, International Economic Cooperation, foreign investmentBeiJing
Xu Hong Real estate, Business Organization, Trusts and Investment Insurance, Dispute ResolutionBeiJing
Ms.Sharon Yin Commercial litigation, Creditor`s rights and post judgment execution and remediesUSA
Patricia Angulo
American Immigration lawUSA
Yang PeiShengReal Estate, Capital Operation, Investment, Bidding and Tendering of Construction ProjectsBeiJing
Zhang Shan Financial Industry, Real Estate, Company Law, Foreign Economic Dispute, Medical Accidents, Criminal ProceedingBeiJing
Liu JunJie Civil Law, Economic Law, Administrative Law, Execution of Judgments, Business OrganizationBeiJing
Li bin Maritime litigation and Arbitration, Petroleum Commerce, Petroleum Exploration and Mining, SmeltingBeiJing
Xiang YunCivil Law, Administrative Law, Economic Law, Criminal ProceedingBeiJing
Zhang ZhiPeng Contract Dispute, Arbitration and Litigation of Labor DisputesBeiJing
Wang FenForeign Investment, Company Law, Securities Law, Trademark Agency, Labor Law, Dispute ResolutionBeiJing
Liu JunFeng Real Estate, Medical Accidents, Economic Disputes, Enterprises Restructuring, Trademark AgencyBeiJing
Wu QiongAsset Analysis of Large and Medium-Sized State-Owned Enterprises, Reorganization and Property Transaction, Corporate Management, Hongkong and Macao Economic DisputesBeiJing
Lu LongJi Development and Legal Support of ROK Investment Projects, Korea-China Anti-Dumping Risk and Dispute ResolutionBeiJing
Li XiaoJing Criminal Proceeding, Civil Law, Economic Law, Registered Tax AgentBeiJing
Liu ZhiZhong Liu ZhiZhong Arbitration, Legal Consultant for Corporations, Finances and Securities, Enterprise Restructuring, Liquidate, Corporate AcquisitionBeiJing