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Bankruptcy & reorganization
Liquidation for insolvency or bankruptcy, corporate reorganization, corporate financing 

Corporate service
Formation of business entities
Separation, merger & acquisition
Title management and definition;
Bidding and tendering of project

International investment
Duediligence study, planning and structure, negotiation for foreign invested projects in China;
Draft and review of legal documents including contracts, articles of association etc. for foreign investment project;
To apply for government approval and registration for the projects;
Management of Chinese invested project overseas; Winding up and liquidating overseas projects invested by Chinese entities and people.

International trade & practices
International sale of goods,
Compensatory trade,
Technology trade;
International payments such as L/C, collection, d/p, d/a etc.;
Credit standing analysis and investigation;
Project contracting;
International settlement and financing;
International transportation;
Agency for trade, supervision on executing contract;
Customs affairs;
International transportation, insurance, etc;

Real estate
Formation of real estate company;
Due diligence study for real estate projects;
Financing and developing real estate projects;
Bidding affairs of construction project;
Draft, review and negotiation of contracts;
Property transaction;
Mortgage and leasing for land leasehold;
Secured interests in properties


Banking & finance
Deposit and loan, credit card;
International settlement;
Security interests such as lien, guaranty, mortgage and charge;
Financial leasing;   
Insurance claims;   

Debt management & collection
To establish debt management system;
To collect debt by non-contentious means

Franchising & royalty
To structure franchise project;
To draft and negotiate franchise contract

Insurance & risk management
Contract analysis;
Dispute resolution

Intellectual property
Permission for using and/ or transferring trademark
Permission for using and patent technology
Protection of patented technology;
Protection for copyright;
Protection for trade secrets
Protection for computer software;
Protection for intellectual rights related to internet
Protection for database security

Merger & acquisition
Due diligence Study
Structure and reorganization
Share transaction & dealings in stocks
Loan and Finance

litigation,arbitration & dispute resolution
Court action and litigation;
Domestic and international arbitration
Mediation and settlement of disputes

Administrative review and litigation
To represent client in administrative review and/ or administrative actions.

Services For Foreigners Coming To China
1.Foreign Investment
Establishment and Modification of Foreign Capital Enterprises
Foreign Eenterprises'Representative Offices in China
Foreign Investors Merge Enterprises in China
2.Procedure of Foreigner Coming to China
Application,extention,modification and cancellation for Alien Employment Permit
Application,extention,modification and cancellation for Residence Permit For Foreigner
Letter of Invitation for Foreigners Coming To China